Our Spring 2017 production was Abi Morgan's memorably moving play Lovesong, with a cast of just four actors Richard Culham (Billy), Bev Taylor Wade (Maggie), Jack Evans (William) and Lucy Rostron (Margaret).

The director, Sylvie Lord writes: "Lovesong is the story of one couple over the decades - from the moment they move into their first home as newlyweds, through the joy and the challenges along the way. This is a beautiful, poignant tale of togetherness that accepts that nothing lasts forever. We begin at the end - the very end. As Billy and Maggie come to terms with what lies ahead, they revisit key moments from their lives together. Past and present collide in the house that has been their home for forty years. The heady romance of the early days has mellowed into a deep, supportive companionship. The optimism of their youth is remembered fondly as Billy faces a future without Maggie. "

"...When people ask us 'How did you two meet?'
They want a story, a good story.
So together over the years we have built ours.
A quiet shared mythology..."