In June 2019 APS presented The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) in the Sherborne Studio Theatre, with an additional performance a week later at the Shaftesbury Fringe. Originally produced for the Edinburgh Fringe with a cast of only three, our production, directed by Martin Williams, involved 12 actors, who gave spirited performances of Martin's adapted script that entertained audiences over seven nights. Memorable features included an unusually unromantic Romeo and Juliet, The Great Roman Bake-Off (aka Titus Andronicus), the Othello rap, an 'authentic' Scottish production of Macbeth, the 'Eight Kings' rugby match, Hamlet's speech "What a piece of work is a man", a highly 'abridged' version of Hamlet, a fast (41.9 seconds) Hamlet and Hamlet backwards!

Gary Brooks (Juliet, Lavinia, Cleopatra, Cressida, Henry IV Part Two, Cordelia, Henry VIII, Ophelia)
Storm Cain-O'Grady (Tybalt, Miranda, Macduff, Richard II, Falstaff, Bernardo)
Linda Catchpole (Gertrude)
Roy Catchpole (Polonius)
Jessica Colson (Soothsayer, Referee, Ghost)
Richard Culham (Benvolio, Titus Andronicus, Troilus, King Lear)
Michelle Demkiv (Witch, Henry IV Part One, Regan, Anne Boleyn, Laertes)
Marie Field (Friar Laurence, Mark Antony, Henry VI, Goneril, Catherine Howard)
Adrian Harding (Sampson, Nurse, Alarbus, Othello, Julius Caesar, Richard III)
Kate Mulvey (Gloucester, Prince Hal/Henry V, Hamlet)
Sara Sadegh-Tehrani (Romeo, Violivia, Priam, King John, Horatio)
Graham Smith (Nerd, Prince of Verona, Macbeth, Commentator, Claudius)